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Eastcoast Ind. Inc.East Coast Induction has been supplying induction heating equipment to industry since 1963. Over the decades, we developed a reputation as one of the nation's leading sources for reconditioned induction heaters, as well as being widely known for outstanding field service, and our ability to quickly ship replacement components for most brands of induction heaters.

Now in our fifth decade of service, companies have increasingly looked to us to provide the most technologically advanced, highly efficient solid-state induction heaters. We're now the North American distributor and service center for the prestigious CEIA line of medium and high frequency induction heating units. CEIA equipment is known for its exceptional precision, durability, and ease of automated production line adaptability. We're proud to have an important association with this world-class manufacturer.

One of the keys to our longevity has been our keen focus with regard to understanding our customer's needs, and offering cost effective, productive solutions. Our applications engineering department has a broad selection of equipment from which we can process your sample parts, and this service has always been free of charge. Whether you're application entails brazing, heat-treating, shrink-fitting, susceptor-heating, or any of the myriad uses for induction, chances are good we've handled something similar in the past. However, should you need a true, one-of-a-kind solution, our experienced staff stands ready to meet any challenge. Technologies and applications may change, but personal attention to our client's needs has endured.

ECI stocks a large selection of new and reconditioned induction heaters, as well as high frequency tube & pipe welders. We also carry an extensive inventory of replacement parts, including oscillator tubes, ceramic tank capacitors, plate and filament transformers, along with a wide range of accessory equipment.

We're located in a 75,000 square foot facility, including 10,000 feet dedicated to machine set-up and testing - equipped with 3300KVA electric service, and two water systems allowing for system testing at full power. Completed machines undergo rigorous testing for an extended period of time before shipping.

Finally, East Coast Induction builds new water cooling systems and rebuilds other manufacturers' units. These are available in a variety of sizes to handle all of your equipment cooling needs. We manufacture new RF output transformers, and provide a rebuilding service for failed output and isolation transformers of many types.

Please take the time to explore our web site and see the full range of products and services we offer.

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