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The ES 25 is for use with heating heads belonging to the Series 900 generators.

Designed to the mounted on the work surface, it allows movement of the head along both horizontal axis, a weighted movement vertically, and 360 rotation.
Positioning Bases
Positioning Bases

ES35 - ES35P/PS

The ES 35 allows micrometric movement of the heating heads belonging to the Series 900 generators along the horizontal and vertical axis and 360 rotation.

The ES 35 is also available as pneumatic base (ES 35P) with an adjustable stroke from 0.5" to 1" (13 - 25 mm) and three different head layouts corresponding to the three possible axis of movement. The PS model is equipped with position sensors.
Positioning Bases
Positioning Bases


The ES3M is a special adjustable precision base for the temperature sensors and wire feeders. This base provides a micrometric movement of the support along the horizontal and vertical axes. It allows the pyrometer to be aimed with total precision in the soldering area, thus avoiding errors in temperature readings during a work cycle. In addition the base improves the positioning of the wire feeder, thereby providing optimum soldering without dripping.
Positioning Bases
Positioning Bases


The SH23 is a simple base designed to be mounted on the work surface, and is suitable for manual aiming adjustment of the SH series optical pyrometers.
Positioning Bases
Positioning Bases

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