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  • Low power DC motor
  • Digital encoder
  • Piston with anti-rotating stem
  • Activation by time or temperature
  • Compact design
Solder Despensers

In order to carry out completely automatic soldering or brazing cycles CEIA has developed wire solder dispensers for low and high temperature applications.

Utilizing a pneumatic piston activated by the Master Controller the dispenser approaches the soldering area and dispenses the brazing alloy. Parameters for the advance phase of the piston, the alloy feeding speed, the quantity of the wire and the torque of the motor can be set at the Controller.

The quality and repeatability of the final result are ensured by the use of a low power direct current motor monitored via a digital encoder.

Soldering Alloy
Wire Diameter
Tin, Lead, other Soft
0.0315" - 0.040"
(0,8 mm - 1 mm)
Silver, Copper, other High Temperature
0.012" - 0.024"
(0,3 - 0,6 mm)
Silver, Copper, other High Temperature
0.024" - 0.040"
(0,6 to 1 mm)

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