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East Coast Induction sells a wide variety of accessory equipment used with induction heating systems including the items shown below.

Although the actual items in our inventory change constantly, the list below shows the range of equipment usually available.


Blowers: Used

Capacitors: New / Used

  • Tank Capacitors
  • Grid Capacitors
  • Draloric Capacitors
  • S.S. Capacitors
  • Vacuum Capacitors

Chillers: Used

Chokes: New / Used

  • Iron Core Filter Chokes
  • RF Chokes

Circuit Breakers: Used

Coils: New

  • Inductor Coils
  • Work Coils

Connectors for Tubes: Used

  • Filament/Grid

Contactors: Used

Controllers: New / Used

Fans: New / Used

Fan Blades: New / Used

Flexible RF Leads: New

Flexible Couplings for RF Transformer Primary Leads: New

Flow Switches: New

Gaskets: New

Heat Exchangers: New / Rebuild

Insulators/Standoffs: Used

Isolation Hose Assembly: New

Meters: New / Used

O-Rings: New

Potentiometers: New / Used

Pumps, Gould: Rebuilt

Pyrometers, Ircon: Used


Rectifiers: New / Used

  • Solid State
  • Assemblies

Relays: New/ Used

Resistors & Assemblies: New / Used

  • Grid Resistors
  • Globar Resistors

Rheostats: Used

Saturable Reactors: New / Used

SCR Controls: New

Shunts for Meters: Used

Socket Bases: Used

  • Rectifier
  • Thyratron

Switches: New/ Used / Rebuilt

  • Fenwal Thermal
  • Flow Switches
  • RF Transfer Switches

Tank Circuits: Used

Timers: New

Transformers: New / Used / Rebuilt / Repair / Exchange

  • Control Transformer
  • RF Output Transformer
  • Plate Transformer
  • Filament Transformer

Tubes: New / Rebuild / Used

  • Oscillator
  • Rectifier
  • Thyratron

Tube Sockets: Used

Water Recirculator: Rebuild

  • Water to Water Recirculator
  • Water to Air Recirculator

Water Jackets: Rebuilt / Used


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