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Induction Heaters - CEIA
ECI is the North American distributor and service center for CEIA's complete line of compact high efficiency solid state induction heaters. These machines are available with output frequencies of 50kHz, 200kHz, 900kHz, & 1.8mHz. Sizes range from 2.8kW to 48kW.
Induction Heaters - Reconditioned
With over 450 machines in stock, East Coast Induction, Inc. has the largest selection of used and reconditioned induction heating equipment in the USA. All equipment is operationally tested by ECI and comes with a comprehensive warranty provided by ECI.
High Power Induction Heating and Melting
New solid state systems from H.I.S. and other manufacturers for billet heating, continuous annealing, heat treating, melting, and other applications.
Tube and Pipe Welders
ECI has a large selection of used and reconditioned HF welding equipment originally manufactured by Thermatool, Tocco, and Westinghouse. We also carry a comprehensive line of replacement parts.
Cooling Systems
New and reconditioned closed-loop water systems for use with all types of water cooled power supplies.
Output Transformers

New RF output transformers manufactured by ECI, and used / rebuilt RF output transformers originally manufactured by Thermatool, Lepel, Tocco, GE, and others. We also offer a rebuilding service for these and other transformers including models originally manufactured by Emmedi and Westinghouse.
Accessory and Work Handling Equipment
Scanners, Lift/Rotate Fixtures, Weld Head Positioners, Optical Pyrometers, and many other items.
Miscellaneous Equipment
Machinery and other items surplus to our operations including Compressed Air, Machine Tool, Electronic, Electrical, and Vacuum equipment.


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